The universe is basically an animal. It grazes on the ordinary. It creates infinite idiots just to eat them. Only the presence of fools makes wise people stand out. What is your purpose? You pass butter. Welcome to the club, pal. HDD half full, half empty. Maki vs Nigiri. True blue pill. Pupils like studs. Essential concept, first truth. Swan songs whilst you float on liquid cocaine, down the river styx.
Neon black bounce, bubblebutt bass, diamond snares, melodies of the unsung. KUSO GVKI. Hallowed be thy name. More Wisdom. Anyone can wear the Ko-Omote mask, but only KUSO GVKI will make KUSO GVKI type beats, ever. Facts. He came to this world as the brainchild of a higher self - imaginary, fictional, surreal. Too good to be true. After his debut EP with a limited vinyl run of 100 sold out in a few hours, the wunderkind continued his spiel. International live gigs at Melt, Fusion, Berghain (to name a few) followed, and no one ever got to see the face behind the mask. Because it’s all about the illusion, the abstract, the puzzle. Change your thoughts and you change your world. An album via Block Opera (2019, “Culture”), a collab with the Pornceptual collective (2020, “Crack”), and another self released project (2021, “KUSO GVKI Type Beats”) later, the Scheisskind is still edging through the avant garde and down for a turnup.
KUSO GVKI has released music on Block Opera, KUSO GVKI (self-released) and Pinewax.