dibou [pronounced dee-bou] is a producer duo combining analog and digital textures, soundscapes and grooves into a world of its own. 

Released in 2020, their debut EP "Early" was composed over multiple sessions where the two producers gathered different synths, drum machines and instruments and learned to work together, merging their ideas and inspirations into a common universe, a joint sound. Opening with a flood of arpeggios, continuing with three distinct and original pieces until finally closing with a soothing outro, this EP paints the first picture of dibou's world and hints at how much more there is to come.
They are back in 2023 with two fresh new singles: “How Do We (Extended Mix)” and “Influent”. These follow the musical direction of their first EP, albeit with a more dancefloor-focused aesthetic. It features four-on-the-floor drums and percussion combined with jazz-infused chords and melodic elements.